Sunday, 20 January 2013

I can't believe its a week since I posted. This week I have been busy with both sewing and jewellery making.

I have posted week two earrings on the AJE Challenge pinterest board here. This weeks make use a deliberately mismatched pair of beads from Dee Elgie - her facebook page is Here's a quick view of the earrings. I used commercially produced glass beads which came on the front of Making Jewellery magazine - just right for what I needed. Now ... what shall I do for next weeks make? I have some gorgeous lampworked beads from another two artisans, and some delightful ceramic hearts which were specially made for me! Watch this space ...

Last week issue five of my-creative diva magazine came online. If you haven't seen this yet, here it is. This issue is still free to view but from next month it will be subscribers only. My contribution was testing a jewellery kit from Beader's Companion. Its a fairly simple cord and bead necklace, but I enjoyed making it. Even better - the lovely people at Beader's Companion have given 10 sets of kits as giveaways! Log onto the mag for details ... you could be a winner.

I have just finished another trial from next issue of my-creative diva, but can't tell you what it is just yet! It will be out in another four weeks time.

This week has been about sewing as well. I did a trial sewing demo yesterday at a local fabric retailer, just to get some reaction and test it out. It was about fairly simple things - hems and seams and finishes. However, my teaching background kicked in so I made lots of samples beforehand so that I could discuss them with the ladies - and gentlemen! - who watched. There was lots of interest and several stitchers have gone away to try bound seams.

I also made a quick apron for myself to wear, rather than get covered in thread ends. I used some grey & cream fabric - mattress ticking, which I have had in my stash since I worked in a textile mill. Its a lovely quality, with a slight glazed finish. I used commercially made bias binding in red to finish the arm edge and the large pocket. I didn't have time to make a padded pin cushion to attach, but just made a little pad that I fixed on with a big safety pin! It has ties and neck-strap made form the same ticking.

I love it! So I may make another for my beading  activities. That large pocket was excellent.

Next week ..... I'll be looking at shamballas, macrame and kumihimo. I enjoy mixing textiles with jewellery, and hopefully I'll be doing a beaded bib necklace too! I'm carrying on with playing with the new range of buttons from Do-Crafts, they are such fun, and such great value! Big pack buttons will show you! Since I don't do papercraft (yet ...) I would use those in jewellery and other craft projects.


  1. Welcome to 'Blogland' Maggie :)
    I really do need to get a shake on and update mine as it's been neglected for much too long. Hopefully I can remember how lol!
    Look forward to seeing what you're crafty fingers are getting up to.

    Max's Craft Creations

  2. Thanks Max ... I am still a beginner ... so forgive me any mistakes! Mx