Sunday, 13 January 2013

New year, new opportunities - and my birth month too!

floating necklace in pink. 
I am starting my new business in general crafts although concentrating on jewellery and sewing. This month I have a number of varied and exciting projects on. A bead jewellery challenge for Valentines day. A bespoke necklace for a friend who is getting married. Another necklace, just finished for a friend of a friend - isn't it great how word gets around!

sea green marquise earrings
And, possible the most immediately -  I am making and posting  in the Art Jewellery Elements Earring Challenge! I've not take up this challenge before so I am a bit wibbly-wobbly about it. Its a pair of earrings every week for 13 weeks. Maybe even for longer - lets see how it goes. Have a look here:  AJE Earring Challenge. Part of the fun is using artisans hand made beads or components. So as well as being indicative of my ability, its a great showcase for lamp-workers  precious metal clay makers and anyone else who makes handmade beads. If you have something unusual, bead wise, which you have created , get in touch!

This is my first pair. The gorgeous beads were made by Helen at Alchemy Lampwork.

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